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        'Tis the Season

        It's time to get into the holiday spirit with a few great CHRISTMAS DAY PLAYS from 2019.... with festive hats! Happy Holidays!


        Toronto Raptors


        L Series

        With no basketball on TV and prepping for our season I went back and watched a ton of NBA Side Out Sets. I found a common theme through many teams...

        Villanova - SOB

        Here's a perfect example of why Villanova MBB led the nation in PPP in Side Out of Bounds last season. Beautiful re-screen for the open 3!

        LA Lakers - SOB

        LA Lakers - SOB - Sept. 8, 2020

        LA Lakers side out of bounds overloads the strong side of the floor, which allows Davis to back-cut for the lob!


        Oregon WBB SOB 2019-20


        Oregon WBB uses this SOB to get right into a horns elbow ballscreen action...

        Tofus Bursa SOB


        Tofus Bursa SOB uses an Iverson cut to get the defense reacting before...

        Boston College WBB Game Winner


        Boston College WBB runs a sneaky game winning SOB. Emma Guy sets a cross screen...

        UConn WBB SOB


        Uconn WBB run a well designed SOB that gets a full reversal into a UCLA screen...

        Atlanta Hawks SLOB DHO for Dunk


        Atlanta Hawks run a nice SOB action where Trae Young comes off a pin down into...

        Toronto Raptors Feb. 19, 2020


        Raptors run a double screen wrinkle to get Serge Ibaka a wide open 3. The...