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One common problem players, coaches and organizations have always faced is the inability to monitor and track player development as it relates to individual players’ progression throughout the year. That is until we introduced the basketball industry to Sessions. Sessions is the only analytical app that allows players and coaches to plan and monitor individually tailored player development plans to meet the needs of every player. One of the first organizations to fully utilize Sessions is the NBA’s Phoenix Suns. 

“It really allowed us to organize and create a process to track our player development that did not exist prior to the use of Sessions. Sessions allows us to record and track everything from the location of workouts, the drills run in the workouts, and the results of each drill including shots taken”, shares former Phoenix Suns staff member Brandon Rosenthal.

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With Sessions, you no longer need to create your workouts using pen and paper. Our state-of-the-art app allows players and coaches to instantly share their workout results with every member of the organization. Brandon continues, “Sessions helped reveal which guys were in the gym and what they were doing while they were there. This data allowed our coaches and front office to look deeper into the day-to-day development of each player.” 

Rosenthal shares one example where Sessions made an immediate impact on a player’s performance. “We had a player that needed to improve their decision making when using ball screens. After a month of workouts we were able to see that 13 of the player’s 24 workouts included ball screen decision making. As a result, we saw a dramatic improvement in the player’s decision making in pick & rolls,” 

The simplicity of the reports is also another draw for players and coaches who have fallen in love with Sessions. Not only does the app immediately report the analytical basketball data from each workout, it also outputs the player’s mental capacity and mindset throughout the workout. “The most appealing piece of the app is the simplicity to log the workouts and track the players throughout the course of an entire season”, concludes Brandon.

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