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        Kyle Diemer

        Coach Kyle Diemer is the head basketball coach at San Tan Foothills in Arizona. Kyle is the lead content creator and customer success for Luceo Sports

        Clippers - 5 Out Actions

        We are seeing more and more 5 out basketball, especially in the NBA. The more 5 out I watch the more I like it and want to utilize with my own team. There are tons of options and actions to run with 5 out and am going to share a few of my favorite...

        L Series

        With no basketball on TV and prepping for our season I went back and watched a ton of NBA Side Out Sets. I found a common theme through many teams...

        Villanova - SOB

        Here's a perfect example of why Villanova MBB led the nation in PPP in Side Out of Bounds last season. Beautiful re-screen for the open 3!

        MSU - Horns

        Michigan State MBB gets a wide-open 3 out of this horns set!

        Dinamo Sassari - Post ISO

        Dinamo Sassari use great spacing and screen the screener action for a deep post up at the rim! (Oct. 21,2020)



        Aguacateros de Michoacan

        Aguacateros de Michoacan use a horns elevator set as a sneaky way to isolate the post for a basket! (Oct. 18, 2020)

        Kansas State MBB - Horns Pistol

        Kansas State MBB opens up the game with a horns pistol action that leads to the lay-up! (March 11, 2020)

        Boston Celtics - After Half


        Boston Celtics open up the half by isolating Tatum down low while getting great screening action on the weakside that leads to an open 3! ...

        Los Angeles Lakers - Pin down to DHO


        Los Angeles Lakers with a simple pin down to DHO that leads to a corner 3 by Kyle Kuzma.(Sept. 26, 2020)

        Miami Heat - Pistol Chase

        Miami Heat - Pistol Chase - Sept. 19, 2020

        Miami Heat get into Pistol Chase action in transition that leads to the lob and finish by Adebay get...