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Clippers - 5 Out Actions

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We are seeing more and more 5 out basketball, especially in the NBA. The more 5 out I watch the more I like it and want to utilize with my own team. There are tons of options and actions to run with 5 out and am going to share a few of my favorite actions that the Los Angeles Clippers use.

I have narrowed down a group of 6 to share with you. It helps to watch these in order as they progressively add more actions and options in each clip. Here is description and break down for the 6 clips:

Clip 1 - Quick Action

The initial quick action within 5 out is very simple but when ran coming up the floor in transition it can be hard to guard. Green sets a great screen on Cam Johnson who has his back to the basketball and allows Kawhi the space he needs for the 3.

Clip 2 - Quick Fist

The Clippers run the same quick action, however this time Paul George isn’t open for the initial shot. This triggers Zubac to come right back into a Middle Ballscreen with Paul George, with the weakside guards exchanging to occupy their defenders.

Clip 3 - Double Away

This time the Clippers set a double stagger away for a shooter in Shamet. AD does a great job of stunting off the 2nd screen to take away the shot, however, Noah rolls hard to the rim which forces Kuzma to tag the roll from the weakside corner leaving Green open for the corner 3.

Clip 4 - Zoom Pistol Action

This is one of my favorite actions the Clippers run in 5 out. The Clippers do a nice job of using the zoom action before getting into pistol action. The Clippers run this action a lot but are most effective with the zoom action first.

Clip 5 - Delay Action

The Clippers also like to play through the big. Here they get into “Delay” with a pin down on both sides that turns into a DHO with the big off whichever side he picks. Makes it tough on the defense to have to defend both sides of the floor and multiple actions.

Clip 6 - Backscreen DHO

Here is another great 5 Out set that makes the defense guard multiple actions. Here the Clippers use Green as the “5” man. Since he is able to shoot the 3 so well it forces Phoenix to switch, and Williams attacks the mismatch.

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Clippers - 5 Out Actions

We are seeing more and more 5 out basketball, especially in the NBA. The more 5 out I watch the more I like it and...

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