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3 min read

'Tis the Season

It's time to get into the holiday spirit with a few great CHRISTMAS DAY PLAYS from 2019.... with festive hats! Happy...

5 min read

Clippers - 5 Out Actions

We are seeing more and more 5 out basketball, especially in the NBA. The more 5 out I watch the more I like it and...

2 min read

TNT Tropang Giga advances with tech

In the spring of 2020, as most of the world was canceling sports and beginning their country-wide lockdowns in response...

5 min read

L Series

With no basketball on TV and prepping for our season I went back and watched a ton of NBA Side Out Sets. I found a...

1 min read

Villanova - SOB

Here's a perfect example of why Villanova MBB led the nation in PPP in Side Out of Bounds last season. Beautiful...
1 min read

MSU - Horns

Michigan State MBB gets a wide-open 3 out of this horns set!

1 min read

Dinamo Sassari - Post ISO

Dinamo Sassari use great spacing and screen the screener action for a deep post up at the rim! (Oct. 21,2020)



1 min read

Aguacateros de Michoacan

Aguacateros de Michoacan use a horns elevator set as a sneaky way to isolate the post for a basket! (Oct. 18, 2020)

1 min read

Kansas State MBB - Horns Pistol

Kansas State MBB opens up the game with a horns pistol action that leads to the lay-up! (March 11, 2020)

2 min read

21st century ATO

Planning Opening Plays & Quickly Draw on Game Film

Check out how Coach Kyle Diemer uses Luceo Sports to customize...

1 min read

Boston Celtics - After Half


Boston Celtics open up the half by isolating Tatum down low while getting great screening action on the weakside...

1 min read

Los Angeles Lakers - Pin down to DHO


Los Angeles Lakers with a simple pin down to DHO that leads to a corner 3 by Kyle Kuzma.(Sept. 26, 2020)

1 min read

Miami Heat - Pistol Chase

Miami Heat - Pistol Chase - Sept. 19, 2020

Miami Heat get into Pistol Chase action in transition that leads to the...

1 min read

Coach Toppert on the Slappin' Glass Podcast

Memphis Tigers Assistant Men's Basketball Coach, Cody Toppert, sits down with the Slappin' Glass Podcast for an...

1 min read

LA Clippers - Pistol

LA Clippers - pistol - Sept. 9, 2020
LA Clippers get Kawhi in pistol action with Zubac diving hard to the rim...